How to Encrypt Emails with VFEMail.Net and Codecademy Discounts

If email security is of the utmost importance to you, I have two things to share with you today that can help you with your privacy goals. First I want to introduce a service called VFEMail.Net, they are an online webmail service with a strong focus on security. We also have Codecademy discounts so that you can learn some essential skills for encrypting emails. We’ll get into how to do that below.

Codecademy discounts

If you’ve never heard of Codecademy before it’s an online learning platform that specializes in programming languages and related services. They have a limited free version, much like VFEMail.Net, but they also have their Pro version which can even get you certified in coding languages. You’re going to need to some intermediate level coding skills to properly encrypt emails, and Codecademy is the place to get them. Although their prices are quite reasonable to start with, …

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How to Secure Your Website with a VPN

Cyber threat is on the rise. However, despite everything we have heard about it, many of us still choose to ignore this threat. Just because we think “no one would attack us for the ordinary things we have and do,” it doesn’t mean we are free from cyber threat.

Hackers Can Use Your Own Browser:

Sometimes hackers can actually use your own browser to hack into your website. It will copy your login info and then use that to hijack your site. VPN services like NordVPN will encrypt your traffic, as well as your sensitive info from any ‘sniffers’.

Use NordVPN Coupons:

You don’t have to pay a ridiculous amount for these VPN’s. There’s a deal where you can save on 1-year plans at right now.

Smaller, Low-Traffic Sites Are Not Immune.

Well, even though your website has ‘nothing,’ it can still become a gold mine for cyber attackers.

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Barracuda Email

Is Barracuda Email Encryption Needed?

If you are sending emails from your work environment every day they are following a torturous route from server to the server before your email reaches the destination it was intended for. Of course, all of this happens in milliseconds and we rarely notice any delay that would make us think twice about the route our email is taking.

The problem with sending email through a multitude or servers is our email is open to cyber-attacks. We have all heard of cyber-attacks, but, have you considered what the real price of losing information is. Even the most innocuous emails can lead to a devastating loss of sensitive information from a business.

Proprietary information theft is on the increase, and we often hear of unscrupulous cyber-attacks from China, North Korea, and Russia. However, the truth is there are lots of cyber-attacks coming from our own neck …

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About Hushmail

We Take a Closer Look at the Top Encrypted Email Providers:

Hushmail is an internet-based email service that lets users receive and send encrypted emails securely. Hushmail encrypts attachments and messages using the Open PGP standard algorithm, which makes it one of the most convenient and easy to use encrypted email. The PGP algorithm is combined with a unique key management system developed by Hushmail to provide some of the highest levels of security of any email client. Hushmail thus provides end to end security where your email attachments and messages are encrypted right from the time they are in your computer until they reach the intended recipient’ computer, where Hushmail decrypts them automatically.

Its Best Feature:

The best thing about Hushmail is that the encryption is seamless, transparent and automatic so that you do not need to have any specialized knowledge or computer skills to use it. All …

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How To Send Encrypted Email with Office 365

Office365 Can Send Secure Emails As Well.

Companies need to share sensitive information via email. Whether it’s an exchange of ideas for a new creative project, confidential recruits or a conversation about the budget, we all share information that we would not like to publish.

Unfortunately, data extracted from emails can be used to access accounts, contact a company (and / or other people with whom it works) during a phishing attack, or can be used by competitors to gain an advantage.

This is where encryption begins. In short, the encrypted email is encrypted before being sent over the Internet, and only the recipient has the key to decrypt the information. Office 365 provides the ability to encrypt mails before sending them based on a number of different criteria.

We have developed a step-by-step guide on email encryption with Office 365.

Step 1.

After writing your email, add the …

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How To Send Secure Emails

How to encrypt your emails

Email is among the earliest forms of communication. If you are reading this post, you probably have one. It’s easy to use, and you can easily retrieve your information from any electric device you have. Emailing is a universal electronic mean of communication. You may have Microsoft office thanks to some godaddy coupons, but you aren’t sure how to send emails securely. However, one of the major problems with these forms of electronic communication is that they aren’t very private.

email encryption

Now, most email providers don’t offer a means to encrypt our messages. Thus, leaving email users vulnerable to hackers, thieves as well as government agencies. Obviously, it’s not good when someone reads your private information such as bank details and other sensitive information. So, encrypting it will be the best option.

Today we have instant messaging services that are end-to-end encrypted, such as WhatsApp

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What to do When Your Website Has Been Compromised

A website is the image of its owner on the web. It tells everything about the owner. For example, if it’s a company’s website, it tells everything the company does and offers. If it’s a personal one, it usually has some stories about what the owner does, likes, and something like that. With this personal image on the web, can you imagine what would happen if your website was compromised? What if, for example, your website had been compromised by some sort of viruses, Trojans, or even malware? So, it’s important to keep it secure. If you also need to secure a physical location such as an office, here are some of the top-rated cameras.

How do you know if your website has been compromised?

There are many ways to compromise a website. It depends on the attacker motive. However, from what we’ve learnt from some cases in the

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Recognizing and Managing Fast Moving Email Viruses

We’ve come a long way in terms of recognizing and preventing email viruses, but along with that the people creating them are getting more clever at disguising them. They can be a real problem, taking down your computer or in some cases even an entire network of them. An office that I worked at about 7 years ago had an infection that spread throughout the entire network, and it started with just one compromised machine. It took weeks and a lot of headache to finally clear it, definitely a situation that you want to avoid if possible. The best offense is a good defense, start with an anti-virus program like Mcafee.

Set Yourself Up with a Good Email Provider

Step one in terms of protecting yourself against potential threats is to pick a good service provider with good filters in place, so that known malicious emails never even reach your …

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Do I Need Professionals to Remove Malware?

When malware attacked your website, it is very important to remove the threat immediately and bring back your website to safety. However, there is something you need to understand first. When malware attacked your website, it is completely different than a PC attack. In PC/laptop case, you can easily use a malware removal to eliminate the malware and clean your device. It’s quite easy, especially when there are plenty of malware removal available today. However, when malware attacked a website, it becomes very complex. In a website attack, the attacker usually uses the malware to gain control of your website. Let’s leave the reasons, because the most important thing here is how to fix it.

A Complex Attack

In order to gain control of a website, a malware needs to dig as deep as possible. This is because many hosting provider today offers basic security feature that will alert website

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Best Malware Scanners


Some Web Hosting Companies Provide Free Scans

Higher-end hosting companies like GoDaddy will offer free malware scans as well as a GoDaddy SSL as part of their hosting package. So you may not have to splurge on a malware scanner if your setup with a quality web host. You can find free online coupon websites to save on hosting at GoDaddy.

With increasing malware attacks, it becomes very important for every website owner to protect their website against all types of cyber attack, including malware. Unlike viruses, malware is less visible. According to Norton, You probably won’t realize that you’ve been compromised until your website started to misbehave. Have you ever browsed to your own website, yet you are directed to a completely different website, even though you believe you typed the right address? Or maybe your website display looked completely different, from the last time you saw it, even

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