About Hushmail

We Take a Closer Look at the Top Encrypted Email Providers:

Hushmail is an internet-based email service that lets users receive and send encrypted emails securely. Hushmail encrypts attachments and messages using the Open PGP standard algorithm, which makes it one of the most convenient and easy to use encrypted email. The PGP algorithm is combined with a unique key management system developed by Hushmail to provide some of the highest levels of security of any email client. Hushmail thus provides end to end security where your email attachments and messages are encrypted right from the time they are in your computer until they reach the intended recipient’ computer, where Hushmail decrypts them automatically.

Its Best Feature:

The best thing about Hushmail is that the encryption is seamless, transparent and automatic so that you do not need to have any specialized knowledge or computer skills to use it. All you have to do to encrypt your messages is click a mouse.

How Hushmail Protects You:

Hushmail is effective at protecting your emails and attachments from a variety of hazards that include, email forgery, identity theft, unauthorized content analysis, government surveillance, and eavesdropping.

1. Eavesdropping on your Internet connection
Hushmail encrypts the connection between the Hushmail server and your computer to prevent anyone from eavesdropping on your traffic. This can be critical if you are using office or public networks on your computer or any unencrypted wireless networks.

2. Government surveillance programs
Some countries have set up programs to collect data from their citizen’s emails, and internet connections which are then kept away for future analysis. Most of these operations are conducted by authoritarian regimes and hence they do not have subpoenas, court orders or search warrants. Hushmail employs HTTPS protocols to protect you from any unauthorized government surveillance.

3. Unauthorized Content Analysis
Hushmail does not scan your attachments and emails to collect information that may be sold to third parties for advertising. When you use the email client all the contents of the email will be encrypted and stored in Hushmail servers rather than being analyzed and mined for data.

4. Data Theft
Hushmail protects users from identity theft and hackers that may try to mine your emails for useful information and personal data. Since you need a passphrase for decryption, hacking Hushmail is almost impossible to do making it one of the safest email clients that you can use against hackers.

5. Email Forgery
Hackers and spammers often spoof emails and by doing so they can gain a foothold on your computer, from which they can hack your systems or steal important data. Hushmail prevents this by providing you with the option to digitally sign the emails you send so that your recipients can be sure that the email originated from you.

The Main Features of Hushmail:

1. Encryption and Email in One Solution
It is an all in one solution as you can use it as a regular email client and not need to purchase encryption. You have the choice of encrypting your emails or sending them as regular emails. It is an easy to use solution, as encryption is activated with a simple click of a checkbox on the compose screen of your Hushmail for iPhone or webmail. Moreover, since it is a fully hosted internet-based service you do not have to download anything to get started.

2. Easy Encryption
Hushmail encrypts all emails between Hushmail users automatically. Emailing non-Hushmail users is just as convenient as all you have to do is sign into your webmail account or iPhone Hushmail app and check the encryption box to send encrypted email messages.

3. Multiple Layers of Security
Hushmail uses PGP encryption which is the industry standard for open encryption. This ensures the highest levels of authenticity, privacy, and security for all the emails that you send using the client. Moreover, all communications between the Hushmail servers and your computer use A+ grade TLS/SSL secure connections for added security.

4. Two-step Verification
You can add two-step verification to your Hushmail to prevent unauthorized access. The first verification is a passphrase and username and the second step an alternate email address or mobile phone number where you will get a verification code that you have to enter to sign in. You can also get the code from a smartphone app.

5. Send encrypted email to anyone
Regardless of what email client the recipient is using, you can send encrypted emails and attachments and they will be able to receive them securely.

6. Encrypted email on your iPhone
The Hushmail app for Phone does everything the webmail client does including supporting encrypted mail, Touch and Face ID, multiple aliases and accounts, two-step verification and the ability to send encrypted mail to anyone. What is even better, you can take it on the go.

7. Accessible everywhere you work
Hushmail works with the email software or email app of your choice on PC including Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and Outlook in addition to working on the Hushmail for iPhone app and the web client.

8. Use your own domain
You can use your Hushmail on your own domain email so that you can retain the professional feel of your brand when communicating with your clients.

9. Unlimited email aliases
If you do not feel comfortable using your real email addresses you have access to unlimited aliases on the @nym.hush.com address. You can point all the aliases to your existing Hushmail address and still get all your emails.

10. Safe Storage of Your Data in Canada
Where your data is stored is important as it will determine if that data is protected or not. Since Hushmail stores all data in Canada you can rest assured that your privacy is protected by Canadian law.

How to Send Encrypted Email on Hushmail for iPhone or webmail:

1. Enter your recipient’s email address in the field just like you would in a normal email client – Hushmail will automatically encrypt the email if the recipient is also using Hushmail.

2. Check the Encrypted boxes in case the recipient is not on Hushmail. This will allow the recipient to read the encrypted mail on a secure web page.

3. You could also add a security question to your email for even more security if the recipient has never used Hushmail.

4. If the recipient’s email client is on Hushmail hosting, they can read the email on the Hushmail for iPhone app, webmail or their regular email client.

5. For users not on Hushmail, they will receive a link to open a secure page where they will get access to the encrypted email.

6. Once they read the encrypted mail, they will be asked to create a passphrase which will them be used to access all future emails encrypted by Hushmail.

Summing Up Our Hushmail Spotlight:

Hushmail is a secure email service that makes it possible to receive and send an encrypted attachment or email to anyone regardless of their email client. It comes with an easy to use iPhone app and webmail where you can access and encrypt all your emails without needing to perform some complicated sign-up or installation process. It is one of the best email clients at combining ease of use and high level of security. All you have to do is connect to the internet from your computer and then sign up for an address and generate a passphrase. Once you have logged in you can start sending encrypted email immediately.

The featured image at the top of the post is a screenshot from Hushmail’s website.