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Is Barracuda Email Encryption Needed?

If you are sending emails from your work environment every day they are following a torturous route from server to the server before your email reaches the destination it was intended for. Of course, all of this happens in milliseconds and we rarely notice any delay that would make us think twice about the route our email is taking.

The problem with sending email through a multitude or servers is our email is open to cyber-attacks. We have all heard of cyber-attacks, but, have you considered what the real price of losing information is. Even the most innocuous emails can lead to a devastating loss of sensitive information from a business.

Proprietary information theft is on the increase, and we often hear of unscrupulous cyber-attacks from China, North Korea, and Russia. However, the truth is there are lots of cyber-attacks coming from our own neck of the woods.

The infiltration of email information has spawned a huge industry that just deals solely with email security. Of course, the likes of major email providers offer a certain amount of protection, but it’s often not enough and can be bypassed easily with sophisticated software.

If you have a desire to safeguard the information you are sending electronically around the world there is a company who has taken its encryption security to another level offering a secure system for your emails to arrive safely. In this article I will tell you about Barracuda secure email.

What is Encryption?

Encryption is a way of breaking down the contents of the information in your email and converting that information into a code. If complex encryption is being used then the contents of your email will arrive un-touched by any potential hacker.
The problem is with encryption services is that most encryption codes are very similar to each other and a knowledgeable hacker can steal your information with relative ease. Your information could be put on the market and sold to the highest bidder or your information may be targeted by criminals who see a higher value in your information.

What can Barracuda email security offer businesses?

There is a lot of features to Barracuda email security so let’s look at some of the really important issues that need to be detected and dealt with.

Ransomware emails are attacking businesses constantly; Barracuda security detects ransomware emails and prevents you from opening the email. Did you know that 40% of businesses are attacked by ransomware? You will be shocked to read that almost 60& of ransomware is directly through email delivery. You are given a limited time to pay the ransom or a virus will take down your IT system. It’s an effective way of extorting money from business owners.

Barracuda email security uses the most advanced potent software to prevent ransomware attacks and barracuda is capable of detecting latent threats hidden in your IT system.
If your business has a web site Barracuda constantly scans your customer-facing landing page and identifies vulnerable areas where an attacker could take advantage of your system. What’s cool about Barracuda is you can get free trials and load these plug-ins easily.

Barracuda Advanced Detection Technologies:

Barracuda has developed advanced detection technologies to keep you safe where ever you may be on the internet. Barracuda will be protecting your computer or server from attacks when checking social media sites such as Facebook. If a phishing attempt is made you will be notified via a popup window warning you of the potential threat.
Advanced threat protections can be enhanced by a subscription-based multi-level cloud operating system for greater peace of mind.

The cloud security enhancement can detect threats that are lying dormant in your IT system or personal computer.
Don’t be fooled into thinking malware and ransomware developers only have one version of their intimidating software, these unscrupulous individuals are constantly developing their tools to outwit email security companies.

This is why it is critical to choose a reliable email security company.

Barracuda’s Advantages:
• Provides inbound and outbound data leak protection, this provides the user with the security that all emails both in and outbound are protected from threats and data loss. Combined with the cloud enhancement Barracuda can provide email protection even if the server is down, This protection lasts for 96 hours.
• Barracuda prevents network threats. The advanced filters used by Barracuda provide absolute network protection. In parallel with the cloud-based server, every inbound email is filtered for threats.
• Protects against email threats, Barracuda is constantly scanning for spam, ransomware, malware and other malicious threats being carried by an inbound email. The advanced email gateway denies any cyber threat detection keeping your system protected.
• Continuous availability to your emails, regardless of a catastrophic event at your premises your emails will always be safe with Barracuda email security. The cloud-based system will store your email keeping their content secure for 96 hours.
• Easy configuration, Installing security software can be a complex task for the unskilled. However, Barracuda is easy to install and deploy a system that provides network protection. Your whole team will be covered when sending emails from the Barracuda security system.

Examining Negative Info on Barracuda:

Non to speak of, we did see one bad review but from our experience, negative comments from users are more about a skills deficit on the users part. If there is a problem with your email security Barracuda has trained operatives online to help. The online support is manned by IT professionals who all have hands-on experience with the product.
In the event where it appears that onsite support is needed a technician can be deployed to assist.

How does Barracuda compare with the competition?

Of course, there are other companies who offer similar services to Barracuda and most work well, I think one area of contention with the other email providers is the use of a reverse DNS for some email servers. In my opinion, without the reverse DNS, you are open to a whole world of problems and troubleshooting.

Barracuda uses this reverse DNS and you rarely hear of any problems with the email protection, I know that Barracuda is really effective at offering protection for emails. I enjoy the fact that spam is not an issue

Our Overall Verdict:

I would recommend the use of Barracuda email security to any business or private individual is security focused. You can find many of the features are free to use and with the addition of a small subscription fee, you can receive all of the advantages of using a cloud-based security system.
Barracuda email security provides essential security for your emails while providing email content integrity to the business.