Best Malware Scanners


Some Web Hosting Companies Provide Free Scans

Higher-end hosting companies like GoDaddy will offer free malware scans as well as a GoDaddy SSL as part of their hosting package. So you may not have to splurge on a malware scanner if your setup with a quality web host. You can find free online coupon websites to save on hosting at GoDaddy.

With increasing malware attacks, it becomes very important for every website owner to protect their website against all types of cyber attack, including malware. Unlike viruses, malware is less visible. According to Norton, You probably won’t realize that you’ve been compromised until your website started to misbehave. Have you ever browsed to your own website, yet you are directed to a completely different website, even though you believe you typed the right address? Or maybe your website display looked completely different, from the last time you saw it, even though you made no change since the last configuration? These are the most common symptoms of malware attack, yet they are not the most dangerous thing about malware. The fact is, everything that happen on the surface is most likely only a little part of the real attack. While you’re focused on fixing the ‘strange’ appearance of your website or page, the attacker might have ruined everything down in your website system.

Saving Your Website

Dealing with malware, along with all threats they possess, is a tricky job. You won’t find them unless you know where they’d be hiding. The moment you found them, it’s probably too late for your website. So, why don’t you use a better, faster way of scanning them? There are plenty of exceptional malware scanners you can use. Here are some of them.


By focusing on active malware threats, Bitdefender offers high-speed malware scanning. Using its cloud scanning technology, it can scan any active malware within a minute. 

Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner

Acunetix Vulnerability Scanner is one-stop solution for malware attack. It will scan your all parts of your website, including servers, application, and plugins for any vulnerability. It will also quarantine your website from future attack, while giving you the time to fix your website.

Scan My Server

Scan My Server offers one of the most comprehensive protection against malware, including Cross Site Scripting, HTTP Header Injection, Blind SQL Injection, PHP Code Injection, Source Disclosure, and SQL Injection.


ESET is a unique malware scanner that allows you to detect various types of malware, including the unknown ones. You can also use this software to scan and secure your website from other dangerous programs, such as spyware, worms, viruses, and even phishing attempts.

Trend Micro Housecall

Trend Micro Housecall is not just a good antivirus. This program also allows you to keep your website safe from any virus, Trojan, worm, and unwanted browser plugin. Some of its popular features include smart scan, vulnerability scan, enhanced scanning, smart feedback, and review and restore files.


SUCURI is one of the best website mitigation solution. If your website has been compromised by malware, this website is all you need. Just copy and paste your URL on SUCURI website and this program will help you to scan and clean your website from any malware.

F-Secure Online Scanner

F-Secure Online Scanner provides easy solution against malware problem for website owners. Similar to Bitdefender, this program uses its advanced cloud scanning technology to quickly scan and remove malware from your website and local host.

SSL Server Test

SSL Server test is one of the best malware scanners on the web. It provides detailed analysis of your SSL configuration. It will also notify you when someone tries to modify your SSL web configuration, which hackers usually use to redirect your audience to malicious website.  SSL Server Test is also known as one of the most private malware scanner. Even though it requires information about your website to run its feature, every information will be discarded from the system after the malware check.