How To Send Encrypted Email with Office 365

Office365 Can Send Secure Emails As Well.

Companies need to share sensitive information via email. Whether it’s an exchange of ideas for a new creative project, confidential recruits or a conversation about the budget, we all share information that we would not like to publish.

Unfortunately, data extracted from emails can be used to access accounts, contact a company (and / or other people with whom it works) during a phishing attack, or can be used by competitors to gain an advantage.

This is where encryption begins. In short, the encrypted email is encrypted before being sent over the Internet, and only the recipient has the key to decrypt the information. Office 365 provides the ability to encrypt mails before sending them based on a number of different criteria.

We have developed a step-by-step guide on email encryption with Office 365.

Step 1.

After writing your email, add the …

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