Best Malware Removal Services

Malware, a silent destroyer. Hidden deep inside your website, you will never realize its presence, until it starts breaking your website. Everything seems to be fine, but not at the ‘underground’ where the real nightmare begins. Suddenly, your website looks different, with some strange content here and there, which you never published. Some of your users even reported that your link leads them to malicious page where their device gets infected by malicious programs. These things are only the beginning. Things could go worse if you don’t remove the malware from your website immediately. The good news is, there are plenty of tools out there that can help you to accomplish this mission.

Panda Free Antivirus


Easy to install, light, and reliable. These are the most important things you should remember about Panda Free Antivirus. Despite being “Free,” this software guarantees 100% malware free for your website. So, even though you have few memory left for a malware removal, it will be always enough to install Panda Free Antivirus and eliminate any malware from your PC and website.

You can visit them here:

Spybot Search and Destroy

Speed is its alias. Spybot Search and Destroy guarantees quick, yet very effective spyware and malware removal. With its excellent performance, it’s pretty easy to understand how the company has gained a lot of trust from computer user’s in the past year. Spybot Search and Destroy and available for free for private users. However, you may need to pay a little cash if you want to use this software for your business.

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Adaware Free Antivirus+

Adaware Free Antivirus+ is not just a malware removal service. It’s your all-in-one solution to keep your website free from any malware. It’s light, fast, and reliable. Unlike many ‘dedicated’ malware removal, this software occupies less space, but does more work. The best thing about this app is it also shields your website from incoming malware attack. This is an excellent feature because once you got malware inside your system, it usually downloads another malware from the internet. So, as long as you can control everything that comes in and out, it will be nice.

Malwarebytes Anti-malware

If you are looking for a malware removal that will work perfectly with your existing antivirus, you need Malwarebytes Anti-malware. While the free version can give you basic protection against malware, you certainly need to consider paying for the premium one. With real-time protection, Malwarebytes anti-malware shields your system from malicious incoming and outcoming connection.

Microsoft Security Essentials

While most security review usually recommends security company to remove malware threats, this time we take a different step. Microsoft Security Essentials is a good alternative to keep your system and website free from any malware. Like the name says, it comes from Microsoft, a company known by its Windows OS. Microsoft Security Essentials is basically a strategy from Microsoft to prove that the company is more than just about an OS. It’s a one-stop solution for digital community. The program itself offers a complete protection, including malware detection and removal from your system. Of course, in order to use this app, you need to be a Windows user.  Despite the small size, Microsoft Security Essentials has truly become one of the best player in malware removal, due to their advanced removal technology. The best thing about this program is, you can still deactivate it if you prefer to use another malware removal service. This way, even if you feel unsatisfied with the new malware removal tool, you can still come back to this tool by simply activating it. No more re-installing the app or wasting your space for the app caches. It’s a perfect solution, we think, something we can expect from Microsoft.

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