Do I Need Professionals to Remove Malware?

Sometimes a professional is needed to remedy your website.

When malware attacked your website, it is very important to remove the threat immediately and bring back your website to safety. However, there is something you need to understand first. When malware attacked your website, it is completely different than a PC attack. In PC/laptop case, you can easily use a malware removal to eliminate the malware and clean your device. It’s quite easy, especially when there are plenty of malware removal available today. However, when malware attacked a website, it becomes very complex. In a website attack, the attacker usually uses the malware to gain control of your website. Let’s leave the reasons, because the most important thing here is how to fix it.

A Complex Attack

In order to gain control of a website, a malware needs to dig as deep as possible. This is because many hosting provider today offers basic security feature that will alert website owner for any suspicious cyberattack. The malware needs to stay hidden as deep and long as possible to deliver the most damage. For this reason, when a malware attacked a website, it usually goes as far as to the log files, website core code, CSS, server, SSL web site configuration, and many more. Everything that has relationship to your website might be infected, the moment the malware infected your website. So, unless you have cyber security background, it is less likely you can fix this problem alone. What about using software? Well, it can be helpful, but less likely will solve the whole problem. Most malware removal tools still remove tracks that can be used again by the attacker to re-inject your website with other malicious programs.

Do You Need Professionals?

So, if you are asking about my personal opinion, removing malware from your website should require someone with specific background in cyber security. Their knowledge and experiences mean a lot. They can help you in determining the vulnerabilities faster and more effective. This is important because some malware is designed to cover their identity. It seems the problem is located at a certain source code, but after a thorough investigation, that source code might be just fine. The real problem might be located at a completely different code.

The damage is another reason for asking a professional when malware has attacked your website. A website is basically a digital environment where everything connects to each other. A simple line of code may change a huge portion of your website completely. If there is any damage to this part or any other part, it will high likely affect other parts of your website. That is if we assume the malware doesn’t spread to other parts of your website or hosting. If it does, the damage will certainly worse. In this case, there is no reason not to ask a professional. With their help, you can carefully inspect the flow of damage and fix every broken part.

Do You Always Need Professionals?   

Not really. When a malware attacked your website, your first step should be contacting your host provider. They have their own support team who are very familiar with your website environment. If there is the first expert you should reach for a malware attack. Another benefit of using them is they are hired to help you. That means, instead of telling you what to do, they will gladly fix the problem for you. Professionals from online communities will less likely do this for you. You will only get advice, tips, or anything like that and the rest is up to you. Even if you failed during the process, you can’t blame them for giving the wrong steps.